Monday, 1 March 2010

Virgin islands pics

The three moustached sea dogs.. as a tribute to Layne flying out for a little visit Herby and I thought it would be rude not too... the girls were not so keen!!

Roast chicken dinner while at sea... hard life on the Can't
Bolders at Spainsh wells in the BVI's

Wooden boat regatta at Jost Van Dyke

St Martin
It was honestly this big... and a "quiet" reunion with the lost boys after parting company in Peurto Rico with visa challenges.
While In St Marten, Liz left the boat after some 1800 miles and 4 months on team Can't for Uni and the real world in Aus. Cheers Lizzy


  1. Nice work Jas, good to see you put pen to paper again!!


  2. A little long winded eh?!
    Love the stashes! Way to keep the tradition alive. Great pics bru! where you cats at?